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How to prepare yourself for a move.
January 13, 2009, 2:57 am
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So you have decided to move. How do can you begin to prepare yourself to move? Here are some helpful tips!

-Begin collecting boxes. Many grocery stores are a good source of boxes. You can start by packing up items that you seldom use or non-seasonal items. You can use towels or sheets to wrap more delicate items. Get creative! Label the boxes by their eventual location: ie. kitchen, living room, closets, etc. This will make it easier down the line. Be sure to distribute the weight in your boxes. Do not pack an entire box full of books as it will be very difficult to move!

– Make sure you change your address with Canada Post. You can do this online at Make sure you change the billing address for your credit cards, car insurance or any other bills. Send a postcard or email to your family and friends with your new address and phone number.

– Arrange for the start of any utilities or services at your new home, including gas, water, cable, internet, etc. This way they can be up and running right away and you won’t have to wait around. Also arrange for them to be disconnected at your current home.

– Pack a box of everyday items that you will keep on hand with you during the move. You may want to include things such as toliet paper, tolietries, change of clothes, medications, basic tools (screwdriver, hammer, etc), drinks, tape, markers, broom or vacuum etc. A fold up chair in your trunk might also be handy!

– Start early to save your sanity. Begin packing away things you don’t use as often immediately, and slowly declutter your home until the move.

– Don’t move anything you won’t use again- now’s the time to cut back! Consider having a garage sale before you move to get rid of any excess things.

– carry jewelry, important documents or valuables yourself